Make It Move

Engaging and high quality video content for websites, social media, product demos, adverts and more.

RiseKite is the #1 choice for phenomenal websites and hard-hitting digital marketing.
RiseKite is the #1 choice for phenomenal websites and kick-ass digital marketing.

Video Content
That Connects

If a picture tells a thousand words then a video is worth a million. Our team of experienced and passionate motion graphic artists and post-production experts collaborate to produce evocative content that will capture exactly what makes you and your company unique.

85% of all web traffic is video content. Video marketing is the future, and the future is now.

Your Brand.
Our Expertise.

Video Editing

Our team has over ten years of extensive experience creating all types of content.

Motion Design

2D motion design, intro openers, complete video branding, video explainers, scene explainers.

Social Media

We create compelling content for social platforms to draw the most engagement from their audiences.


We work with industry standard platforms like Adobe Premier and After Effects to deliver high quality finished products.


We have experience with professional TV ads postproduction processes and their particular requirements.

Transform Your Vision Into Reality

From engaging, unique, animations to bring your website to life, to jaw-dropping video advertising that stops your audience in their tracks, our talented artists produce content that attracts visitors and distinguishes your brand from competitors.

Don't just make one great first impression, make a million.